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Oteil Burbridge – Who RU

$29.95 (US) +tax

Running Time: 59 minutes

Oteil Burbridge – Who RU

Instructional DVD for 6-String Bass
Series: Instructional/Bass/DVD
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Format: DVD
Artist: Oteil Burbridge

Oteil Burbridge has played bass with the legendary Allman Brothers Band since 1997. Bandmate Derek Trucks calls him “the Michael Jordan of the bass.” In this comprehensive and entertaining DVD, Oteil discusses the fine points of bass playing and musicianship including: Rhythm concepts – African, Latin, jazz, funk, polyrhythms, and basic drumming concepts; Harmony – chord structure and shapes for the six-string bass; Listening to artists from various styles of music; Emotional and spiritual aspects of music – how to let our emotions out in music, so we can make a spiritual connection with others; Relative pitch – singing along with what you play; Thinking melodically – breaking musical ideas into bite-sized parts; and much more.

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