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About Bass Frontiers

First Issue of Bass Frontiers Magazine

Jim Hyatt founded Bass Frontiers Magazine back in 1994 with a small, simple newsletter. Little did he know that these humble beginnings would lead to the second largest printed publication for bassists. Jim quickly grew the publication to well over 5,000 subscribers worldwide. In 2008, Dave and Jonathan Fowler, along with Gene Fox, purchased Bass Frontiers Magazine from Jim and decided to go digital. This move prompted an innovation that would take Bass Frontiers to an entirely different level. Although the business model has changed since Jim founded the magazine back in 1994, the vision has stayed the same. Bass Frontiers has stayed true to its motto, “By Bass Players, For Bass Players.”

Our Creed:

Our paramount motto is “by bass players for bass players.” In order to relate to bassists, it is important that bass players that have talked the talk and walked the walk derive our content. Our staff is made up of musicians that have toured the globe with world-renowned acts. These individuals have dedicated their lives to learning their craft so that they may bring you the very best the bass world has to offer. We pride ourselves on this motto and proclaim it to be our number one priority.

Billy Sheehan On A Back Issue Of Bass Frontiers Magazine

If you have ever attempted to learn to play a musical instrument, you realize how difficult a task this can be. Without solid support, it is easy to put your instrument back in its case and slide it under the bed. We want to connect professional bass players to our readership so that they can share their love of music. From Iowa to New York to Paris to Tokyo, we all speak the same language: music. Our second core belief is that this publication will have a little something for everyone, from the weekend warrior, to the touring professional and everything in between. We will bring concepts such as the Nashville number system, music theory, and gear and media reviews to our readers.

All across this great planet of ours, there are bands. Where there are bands, there are bassists. Billy Sheehan’s biggest fan may be a weekend warrior that works full time on a farm in Wisconsin. T.M. Stevens may be heralded as the greatest bass player by an aspiring bassist in Los Angeles or New York. Rhonda Smith might be held in high regard by a would-be bassist in Moscow or Beijing. Bass Frontiers is obligated to bring these prominent bass players to the four corners of the earth. It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone can have a private bass lesson with Billy, T.M., or Rhonda. Bass Frontiers will provide this vehicle; hop on and take a free ride.

Bass players are human beings above all else. We all share a common goal for a better quality of life. Bass Frontiers realizes this and we desire to bring it to our readers. You will discover that all of the bass players we will feature have a story. Some have overcome great odds to get where they are today. This has not only made them stronger, but it has also demonstrated that they too are prone to the same things that each of our viewers face on a daily basis. This makes them human beings, just like the rest of us.