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Ampeg SVT-7 PRO Head

The SVT-7 PRO head from Ampeg is a truly refreshing return to the sounds that made Ampeg the frontrunner of bass amp companies. Out of the box, the head was a little larger than I expected based on Ampeg’s advertising that it is one of their lightest heads ever. Thankfully they weren’t lying, as it was a super easy item to lift, coming in at almost exactly their number of 15.5 pounds.

Ampeg SVT-7 PRO

When plugged up, the SVT-7 PRO had plenty of headroom to play with, which is always nice when you get it into a decent sized room. We were able to find that the compressor had a good feel to it and wasn’t obnoxious at all. It took a lot of gain knob range before the peak light started popping on, which is a significant improvement over other Ampeg models that we have played in the past.

The 5-position frequency switch took a little getting used to in terms of being able to immediately differentiate between tones, but once it was committed to memory, everything was great. The head was very punchy throughout all 5 frequencies.

Overall, this is a great buy. You can get that gritty Ampeg tube tone without spending all your cash on an SVT Classic. Well done as always, Ampeg. You win again.

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  1. Where was it made??? Vietnam Im guessing, Thats why I wont buy anything else from Ampeg sorry guys you lost my busness…

  2. Timothy Spillane

    Here’s a bit of input based on actual experience with this amp, not a preconsieved notion about where it was made…I’ve been gigging with the SVT 7-Pro for almost a year now (I’m the lucky winner of the Warwick RockBass/Ampeg/Morley Fonk Wah package) and this absolutely killer amp has been the centerpiece of my rig ever since! It’s got GOBS of power, the EQ is simple yet very effective, and I can get it to either break up ala Jack Bruce or churn out masses of creamy clean tone for my bluesy gig…either way, this amp is in its glory, and I haven’t needed to push it past 40% power yet! Also, I had one opportunity to deal with Ampeg’s tech support…they were extremely cool, resolved the issue within a short period of time, and did I mention that they were the utmost of coolness? I’m more than happy with this amp, and would whole heartedly recommend it to any bass player on the planet!

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