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Odyssey Debuts New MI Cases at Summer NAMM 2013


Odyssey Innovative Designs (Odyssey), a leading design and manufacturer of cases and accessories for the audio market, is officially releasing new professional protective cases for three musical instrument segments at Summer NAMM 2013 including pedal boards, keyboards, and guitar amplifiers. Odyssey’s FZGPEDAL Guitar Pedal Cases are ATA Flight Ready, designed …

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The Mavericks to Appear at Kala Booth


The Mavericks will be appearing at the Kala booth at Nashville NAMM on Saturday July 13 at Noon. The band will be signing prints from the cover of their new CD “In Time” in which they are holding Kala ukuleles. The Mavericks latest release comes after an eight year hiatus …

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Review: Audiofly AF78 Earphones

Matt O’Donnell Managing Editor A lot has changed since the early 2000’s, when the number one sign that you were listening to something more evolved than a Sony Discman were the dinky white Apple earbuds. At the time, that was a status symbol. Of course, anyone who wanted real audio …

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Paul McCartney, Richard Branson, and Linkin Park offer ultimate fan experiences to launch new fundraising and awareness platform THE URGENCY NETWORK.

The Urgency Network connects nonprofits, musicians, celebrities, fans, and brands in a single online community to create positive impact on a global scale. Starting on July 2nd, Urgency participants can win larger than life experiences by completing social actions like watching awareness videos, donating, or opting-in to mass tweets. With …

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Review: Logitech In Ear Monitors

Shawn Scruggs Staff Contributor In the world of in ear monitors you have 2 choices, you can shell out the money for custom molded in ear monitors or you can attempt to make due with a set of off the shelf isolating ear monitors. With the IE900 series of quad-armature …

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Review: Here Come The Mummies – “Cryptic”


Shawn Scruggs Staff Contributor In a world full of boring, humorless, and seemingly depleted amounts of talent there truly is one group that throws all that out the window. Taking cues from Zappa, Parliament, Motown, Earth Wind and Fire , and countless other rock, funk, pop, and R&B influences Here …

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