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Bass Frontiers Magazine Presents The New Years Giveaway

Bass Frontiers Magazine And Lakland Basses Present The New Years Giveaway!

Lakland bass guitars are among the market’s most well respected instruments, favored by discerning players and professional artists worldwide. Since the introduction of the flagship model in the mid 1990?s, Lakland basses have been recognized for their tone, playability, and construction. On January 10th, 2010, Bass Frontiers will give away this Lakland Decade bass guitar with a hardshell case. The Decade bass sports mahogany body with a rosewood fingerboard sitting atop a maple neck that is just 1.5? at the nut. It also comes equipped with the Lakland CS-series Chi Sonic pickups, which sound fantastic in the midrange, while rounding out the lows. To top it all off, the Decade has a truss rod wheel at the neck heel for easy adjustment. This is free to you, our readers, for simply being a registered user on bassfrontiersmag.com.

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  1. THIS IS NICE put me in

  2. Kickass! Thanks Bass Frontiers for this amazing opportunity!

  3. have never owned one , but i have played a friends skyline 55-01 fretfess. it played and sounded wonderful. it would also be a great b-day present.

  4. I would love this!!!

  5. Richard Carpenter

    I only have 5 Laklands so I need another one bad!!! Put me in the drawing.

  6. how do you enter?

  7. Unlike Richard Carpenter I don

  8. Nice bass.

  9. Please put me in the drawing!!! My bass just quit on me and I am in desperate need of a new one and Laklands are my favorite basses on the planet!!!

  10. I love Laklands!! put me in the drawing!!

  11. Only played one once in a store. Thought it was an awesome axe. The price was out of my league. So, please put me in the drawing. Thanks!

  12. sounds sweet ! put me in please :]


  13. I have a Skyline 55-02 deluxe and it

  14. for real. so good looking.

  15. oh my word. this is beautiful. i just started a solo project and need a bass. i hope i win, because no tengo dinero, haha.

  16. I presently own 2 Lakland Skylines, 55-02D & Joe Osborn 5. Great basses and I

  17. Never Had a chance to try one

  18. oh my, that guitar sounds fantastic! I

  19. Awesome giveaway

  20. Yesss sounds awesome!!! Put me in the drawing too please!!!

  21. That bass is as cool as Nashville today!!!

  22. this could only be a dream, a chance to win a LAKLAND,WOW!!!!!!!

  23. Dear Bass Frontiers Magazine,
    Happy New Year!!!Please enter me in the Lakland Bass giveaway contest. I am learning to play the bass, but I do not own one. I would be grateful for the opportunity to win one. Please remember me, it would mean the world to me if I was to win a Lakland bass from Bass Frontiers Magazine. Thank you. Wishing you all the best in 2010.

    Gary Vicuna

  24. Thanks again, Dave and crew, for a great, giveaway!

  25. Hello Bass Frontier,

    What an awesome opportunity to win an outstanding bass guitar. I

  26. Oh Bass Frontiers Magazine!
    Please pick me! Lakland basses are awesome, the Decade bass unique. I was a good boy last year and it is Orthodoxal Christmas time

    In all drawings and lotteries, I

  27. Do we have a winner?

  28. Incredible Bass Guitar (and Case as well!) very Generous Sweepstakes-Giveaway, A Lucky Winner for sure, ? noticed Adam Clayton of U2 playing a Lakland at times lately cool! Great Bass Guitars and technology!
    Happy New Years!

  29. Count me in too!! This is nice!

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