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Bassist’s Guide To Scales Over Chords – Chad Johnson

Scales are no stranger to the bass player. We practice them up and down, in different sequences, and in different keys to improve our chops. But how many people really know how to apply them in a musical way? With Bassist’s Guide to Scales Over Chords, you’ll learn how these two topics are intertwined in a logical and fundamental manner. This key concept is paramount in learning how to create and improvise functional and memorable bass lines or solos reliably time and again. If you’re stuck in a root-note rut or find yourself always coming back to the same old tired patterns, this book is for you. It includes 136 audio tracks and 17 extended backing tracks for download or streaming online.

Chad states, “In this book, you’ll learn to make the critical connection between notes, scales and chords, (harmony). This will empower you in more ways than one. You’ll be able to imitate what you hear more easily, which will aid in your ability to communicate with other musicians and will help in improvisatory situations. You’ll be able to play what you hear in your head more easily, which will help avoid lots of ‘hunting and pecking’ on the fretboard when looking for a specific note. You’ll be armed with a myriad of strategies when composing bass lines, enabling you to try several different angles to see what sounds best.  And, perhaps most important of all, your confidence as a player will grow exponentially, which has numerous benefits of its own across the board”.

Chad writes great instructional books. For Hal Leonard Corporation, he’s authored over 70 works covering a variety of instruments and topics and this latest effort is truly outstanding.  Chad is always approachable and available at chadjohnsonguitar@gmail.com.

Bassist’s Guide To Scales Over Chords
Author:  Chad Johnson
Published by Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN 9781495048203
Cover Price $19.99

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