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Bernhard Lackner releases new instructional book “Plucking Hand Workout”

In recent news, Bernhard Lackner released his new book “Plucking Hand Workout”.

The “Plucking Hand Workout” is a collection of 200 exercises focusing on regular 2 finger plucking hand technique. Having good technique in your plucking hand is a very important part for developing good overall technique on your instrument. That again will help you to get good tone, which is one of the most essential things for being a bassplayer. At the same time the book guides you through different rhythmic subdivisions and groupings, starting very basic with quarternotes going up to sixtuplets and quintuplets. That way you will imrove your technique and your rhythmic understanding equally.

Retail: $19.99

We will be releasing our interview with Bernhard Monday, February 28th. So stay tuned!

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