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Bass Basics: Understanding Ohms

Ohm Header

by JD Williamson Hardly a week goes by that I don’t have the same questions about ohms and cabinet hookups. The terms speaker load, impedance, and ohms I’m sure you have heard a million times before and what do they all mean? A speaker cabinet’s load is also known as …

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For Those About To Read

For Those About To Read! By Lynne Davis There are many ways to exchange musical ideas; number charts, chord charts, tablature, hand signals, by ear–but hundreds of years after its invention, standard notation (you know, the dots) still reigns as the most effective and specific way to share musical information. …

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Know Thy Neck!

Know Thy Neck - Ed Friedland

Know Thy Neck! By Ed Friedland It seems obvious that the better you know your fingerboard, the more musical options you’ll have. While we can all agree on that, how many of us really take the time to explore the fingerboard to its fullest extent? Let’s take a look at …

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Upright Slap With Dave Roe

Dave Roe

Old-School Slap-And-Pull with Dave Roe For many years Dave was a mainstay on the electric bass scene in Music City, but when a rare opportunity to play upright bass with the legendary Johnny Cash arose, he grabbed the bull by the horns and went for it – even though he …

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Dave Pomeroy: Nashville By The Numbers

Dave Pomeroy

Nashville Numbers Explained by Dave Pomeroy Nashville session ace Dave Pomeroy demonstrates the inner workings of the Nashville Number System. This simple and effective means of musical communication is used worldwide, and Dave is the perfect guy to explain the nuances and illustrate how it can make you an “MVP” …

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