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Review: Amptweaker Bass TightFuzz

Matt O’Donnell Managing Editor I think that if you plug into a product that has the word “tweaker” in the name, you’re going to be looking at either having complete control over the sound or saying “I have no idea how to get a sound I want out of this.” …

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Review: Westone UM Pro 50 Earphones

Matt O’Donnell Managing Editor “You are what you hear.” Sure, it’s a different sense than you’re used to hearing that phrase used in, but it’s no less true. For musicians, maybe it’s more like, “You play what you hear.” Musicians the world over learn more and more all the time …

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Alien Audio Basses

I first heard of Alien Audio on the internet forum talkbass and was Intrigued immediately. Having owned or played nearly all of the  major custom basses on the market I had a suspicion that Chopper Anderson was building a unique product based on some stellar reviews and major league players using …

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UE 11 Pro Custom In Ear Monitors Review


When first approached by Ulitmate Ears to try the UE 11 Pro ear molds, I must admit I was a little skeptical. Having been a touring bassist out of Nashville for the past 31 years, I can honestly say that I’ve remained neutral on the in-ear monitor concept. When the …

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Review: Yamaha TRBX304 4-String Bass


Yamaha TRBX304 4-String Bass : Bass Frontiers Reviews From Yamaha: Yamaha introduces the TRBX Series, a full line of electric basses. Combining advanced design, precision engineering and time-honored craftsmanship, the new basses offer easy playability, comfortable body shapes and road-ready durability. I recently got my hands on one of these …

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Review: 3Leaf Audio – Little Black Box


Matt O’Donnell Managing Editor Gear can be complicated. However, when you combine ease of contact, ordering, and top notch design/construction with the best and easy to achieve musical results, you take notice and ride that train. No one stomp box builder embodies that ideal than Spencer Doren at 3Leaf Audio. …

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