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Review: Stagg EDB 3/4 Electric Upright Bass


As a doubling bassist, playing both electric and upright, the Stagg EDB 3/4 Electric Upright Bass comes as a welcome surprise. Like others, I was skeptical at first being more of a traditionalist, but the Stagg grew on me quickly not only in feel, but in sound. FIrst let me …

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Review: Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI


New from Squier as part of the vintage series is the Squier Vintage Modified VI, which is a return of the Fender VI from many years back with the Fender VI being played over the years by many well known artists including Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, The Beatles, among others …

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Review: TECH 21-NYC VT Bass DI


New from TECH 21-NYC comes the VT Bass DI. I’m going to get right to the point on this little wonder from TECH 21. The VT Bass DI is tough, rugged, and will be noticed when added to your arsenal. For the genre of music that I play, my preference …

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Review: Ibanez BTB Limited Edition 5 String Fretless


Ibanez, a well known company, with well known and reliable instruments, brings the Ibanez BTB Limited Edition 5 String Fretless to the bass masses. Body construction of walnut and ash with the neck constructed of a 5 piece maple and bubinga, and the common factor of the BTB series being …

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Review: Kala Rumbler Fretted U-Bass


John Howard Bass Frontiers Staff Contributor Many Bass players, who generally are very a hip bunch and open to new ideas (shameless plug for our whole genre), are already familiar with the U-Bass concept but if you are not, U-Bass basically means Ukulele Bass and I remember seeing how to’s …

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Review: Ernie Ball MusicMan Classic Sabre

Shawn Scruggs Bass Frontiers Staff Contributor At some point we have all either owned of played a StingRay or a Sterling bass. I personally swear by a Classic StingRay 5! The New newest member to the Ernie Ball family actually isn’t a new bass at all. The Sabre was actually …

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Review: Retronix JBD-800B 4-string


Trevor Anema Bass Frontiers Staff Contributor Take a visionary designer/artist and one of the top 125 luthiers in the world*, whose credits include work for Gibson, Tobias, Steinberger and Warrior and put them together. What do you get? The answer is John Backlund and Bruce Bennett of J. Backlund Designâ„¢, …

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Review: Gibson EB Bass – 4 string


Trevor Anema Bass Frontiers Staff Contributor In a lot of ways, owning a Gibson bass is like owning a classic car. It looks gnarly and is guaranteed to blow the doors off anyone who pulls up next to you. When classic cars get remade, the looks remain similar, but the …

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Review: Warwick RockBass Alien Deluxe 5 string


New from Warwick, in the acoustic realm, comes the RockBass Alien Deluxe 5 string. The RockBass Alien line from Warwick has already won 4 MIPA awards and after performing a couple of acoustic gigs with the Alien Deluxe, I can see why. The sound projected from the bass is warm …

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