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Review: ZOOM MultiStomp MS-60B for Bass


Zoom’s latest multi-effects pedal is a single pedal unit complete with 6 amp models and 52 effects. Of the 52 effects included are compressors, limiters, EQ’s, envelope filters, overdrive, distortion, preamp’s, chorus, flangers, octave, synth, delay, and reverb. The effects are simulated from some very well-known manufacturers, and when placed …

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Review: MicroBass from Gold Tone


I’ve heard great things come in small packages and the new MicroBass from Gold Tone is no exception. When I first played the MicroBass, I wasn’t really sure what to expect or how the MicroBass would perform. The MicroBass is a short scale, 23″ to be exact, acoustic/electric bass with …

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Review: Ibanez SR805 Bass


Ty Campbell Bass Frontiers Staff Writer The Ibanez SR805, a streamline bass with a thin body, fast neck, and electronics matched to give a bold and beautiful tone quality. I have played a few Ibanez series SR basses over the years, and I have always been fond of the quality …

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Review: Ibanez BTB 7 String Bass


Ty Campbell Bass Frontiers Staff Writer The latest from Ibanez, a massive bass, with massive sound and massive range, comes the BTB 7 String. I have to admit, at first I was a little skeptical if my small hands would even reach to the low B string, but I was …

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Review: EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive Pedal


John Howard Bass Frontiers Staff Contributor Legendary Bassist Billy Sheehan (voted “Best Rock Bass Player” 5 times in Guitar Player Mag readers poll) has long been known for pushing the envelope both in his amazing technique and his use of all the variety of sounds he can tweak from his …

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Review: Boulder Creek JB-SM5 Bass


Ty Campbell Bass Frontiers Staff Writer The Boulder Creek JB-SM5 Bass is a 5 string bass, an amazing work of art that looks not only beautiful, but sounds great too! The body is a double cutaway with chambered body and the B hole cutout constructed with a spalted maple top …

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Review – 2 DNA Amps 112N Single 12 cabs


John Howard Bass Frontiers Contributing Writer I was a big fan of Eden gear in the ‘90’s when David Nordschow built that company from the ground up on high quality and great tone and speakers made to his exact specs in his Montrose MN factory. I have followed with great …

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Review: Audiofly AF78 Earphones

Matt O’Donnell Managing Editor A lot has changed since the early 2000’s, when the number one sign that you were listening to something more evolved than a Sony Discman were the dinky white Apple earbuds. At the time, that was a status symbol. Of course, anyone who wanted real audio …

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Review: Logitech In Ear Monitors

Shawn Scruggs Staff Contributor In the world of in ear monitors you have 2 choices, you can shell out the money for custom molded in ear monitors or you can attempt to make due with a set of off the shelf isolating ear monitors. With the IE900 series of quad-armature …

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