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Ernie Ball Coated Bass Strings Review

Ernie Ball Coated Bass Strings

By Matt O’Donnell Lots of people get ahead of themselves and say that coated instrument strings aren’t for “real players”. This is mostly because existing sets of coated strings don’t feel natural at all, despite the fact that they last longer. Some smaller string companies won’t even consider making coated …

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The Best of Jack Bruce

The Best of Jack Bruce Alfred Publishing Review by Brent-Anthony Johnson Okay… Most of you know “who” Jack Bruce is and many of you may have followed his illustrious career from Graham Bond, Manfred Mann, and John Mayall before forming Cream (with Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton) in the late …

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Review: The Bass Bible

The Bass Bible

The Bass Bible Mel Bay Publications Review by Brent-Anthony Johnson Okay… I’m just going to say it: “Weighing in at 285 pages of the most important theory, practical, technical, and musical information of any bass book I’ve ever known… the Bass Bible is THE single, coolest instructional/educational book I have …

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Aguilar Announces The Octamizer Analog Octave Pedal

Aguilar Octamizer

Following the success of last year’s Tone Hammer preamp/DI, Aguilar Amplification is continuing their foray into the world of bass effects with the Octamizer analog octave pedal. The Octamizer is designed to give bass players access to a wide range of octave-based sounds with a simple user interface. Featuring a …

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Elrick Expat New Jazz Standard 5 String Bass

Elrick Expat Jazz Standard 5 String Bass Guitar

Review by Roy Vogt It’s a common battle cry with instrument companies: “It’s like a Jazz Bass on steroids.” This is the genesis of what I call the New York school of bass building; two pickups, bolt on neck, ash body. Enter the Chicago-based luthier Rob Elrick, who has been …

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Elrick Bass Strings

Elrick Bass Strings Review by CJ Wilder III With the strings on a Squier 5-string jazz bass, I loved how they felt right out of the packaging. I test-drove them over a week’s time, playing four gigs at 4 hours a night. After these smoky bar gigs, they still have …

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Oasis Flex-Core Bass Guitar Strings

Oasis Flex Core Bass Guitar Strings

Oasis Flex-Core Bass Strings Review by Matt O’Donnell One of the contstant factors that bass players either get really involved or not involved enough with is selecting a good set of bass strings. You have to make choices based around gauges, tightness, brightness factor, roundwound, flatwound, nickel vs. steel, and …

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Electric Bass Technique Builders By Todd Johnson

Electric Bass Technique Builders by Todd Johnson

Electric Bass Technique Builders DVD/Book by Todd Johnson Review by Matt O’Donnell What truly is the end result of all the practicing that we do as bassists? The obvious answer is to find the best way to channel music through the instrument we’ve chosen, using the best and most efficient …

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