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Doug Johns “Pocket Fulla Nasty” Review

Doug Johns “Pocket Fulla Nasty” Review By Theo Carnavos Doug Johns’ aptly titled second album “Pocket Fulla Nasty” is a bold step for the future of bass groove. Armed with experience, chops and soulful musicality, Johns advances the boundaries of electric bass with his unique brand of solid funk. Even …

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T.M. Stevens “Africans In The Snow” Review

TM Stevens

T.M. Stevens Africans in The Snow This CD is amazing! I have been a T.M. Stevens fan for my entire adult life and this CD is a strong reminder of the reason! 1.) Track one, entitled “What,” starts with a very melodic vocal figure that suggests an African chant. Then …

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Bryan Beller “Thanks In Advance” Review

Thanks In Advance - Bryan Beller

A very mature second effort from noted bassist/composer Bryan Beller, “Thanks In Advance” features meaty and memorable melodies and stellar group performances. While most solo albums by bassists showcase the artist as the lead voice, here the compositions are the star, with Bryan’s prodigeous bass chops evident throughout. And the …

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