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Review: TECH 21 SansAmp VT Bass Rack


New from TECH 21 for 2013 is the SansAmp VT Bass Rack. If you have already experienced the VT Bass DI Pedal, then you will still be able to get all the great settings featured in the VT Bass DI Pedal, only in a rack mount version with even more …

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Review: Carvin PB5 Classic Bolt-Neck 5 String Bass


Carvin should be a household name. They make everything from Guitars, Basses, Guitar and Bass Amps, to Sound Systems, and they have just expanded their bass line to include the new PB4 and PB5 series basses. While these basses are new to their product design, Carvin is not new to …

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Review: Gorilla Ears GX-5 In-Ear Monitors

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Matt O’Donnell Managing Editor Recently, I came to the full realization that when using in-ear monitors on stage, I couldn’t really dial in everything I needed, no matter how many drivers a pair of universal fit monitors had or how clear the soundstage was. I really needed isolation from the …

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Review: Focusrite iTrack Studio


Need a recording package that works with quite a few devices including the iPad, Mac, and PC ? iTrack Studio from Focusrite is that package. The included iTrack Solo is a USB audio interface encased in metal, has two inputs, one for vocals and one for your instrument. The focusrite …

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Review: Tony Grey – Elevation


Tony Grey, bassist for such many great artists which include John Mclaughlin, Hiromi, Herbie Hancock, Mike Stern, Wayne Krantz and many others, astounds us with his latest release “Elevation”. Tony is joined by many artists on his latest release with everything from simple 8th note grooves, to swing, fusion, and …

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Review: Stagg EDB 3/4 Electric Upright Bass


As a doubling bassist, playing both electric and upright, the Stagg EDB 3/4 Electric Upright Bass comes as a welcome surprise. Like others, I was skeptical at first being more of a traditionalist, but the Stagg grew on me quickly not only in feel, but in sound. FIrst let me …

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