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  1. Hi: my name is matias. I live in Buenos AIres- Argentina. I need EMG-BQC system hz x 2 cocentric pots; EMG-PI2 and EMG-PA. Do you send their to Buenos AIres? How much are they? How long time the products will stay in Argentina?
    Thnak you very much


  2. What is it with you “bass players for bass players”? You stifle constructive critique of your equipment “reviews” and make it impossible to contact you for comment. Your standard contact form does not work as the Captcha won’t accept correct entries. You deleted my last attempt via this method. Are you there, Dave Fowler?

  3. * Message sending doesn’t work. It gives an error. Here is the message I was trying send.


    I’m a bassist in NY and also author of The Virtuoso series. I would like to submit my newest fretless bass instruction video for consideration.

    If there is a chance to share my newest video on Bass Frontiers, it could be wonderful.
    Here is the link of the video: http://youtu.be/ew3FPtCfmRw

    Thank you so much,
    Please feel free for any questions,

    All the best,
    Bugra Balci

  4. “Meet Ryan Redemption, a bassist from Thunder Bay in Ontario who is living the low end life. When Ryan first picked up the bass in school, he said he thought it would be an easy credit. He got more than he bargained for, in what he describes as “a lifestyle instead”.”- As Quoted By Notreble.com

    Ryans First Solo Release was in March 2014 on Unir1 records http://unir1radio.com/store/products/ryan-redemption-four-strings-of-fun/

    Later on that month Ryans Video Lullaby was featured by forbassplayersonly.com the week of March 12th 2014

    During April the week of the 12th Ryan was Spotlighted by Notreble.com

    On May 22nd 2014 Ryan was interviewed by Bass Musician Magazine interview available @

    Also Ryan was voted Thunder bay’s fan choice for favourite bass player for 2013 by tbshows.com

    For the most part my youtube channel is my claim to fame check it out over 50 bass videos uploaded and lots more to come

    Facebook Fanpage

    Ryan Redemption started off plucking his four string away in a classical strings class then moved onto punk rock, metal, reggae, and top forty acoustic, using collective styles to form his sound, After 18 years of playing with various groups (and still is) started a side project of solo bass work. Ryan’s sound is a blend of tapping, slapping, picking and various other techinques to create a overall melodic to aggressive feel.
    Bass – Musicman Sterling dargie le
    Cab – 4×10 SWR Goliath, 4×10 SWR Golight.
    Head – SWR 4004 Workingman

    Thank you for your time
    Ryan Redemption

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