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2012 Fodera Emperor 5 Standard Giveaway!

Greetings Bass Players & Bass Friendly Types!

Bass Frontiers is extremely proud to announce that as part of the introduction of their newest model, the Emperor 5 Standard, the amazing folks over at Fodera will be giving YOU the chance to win one of your very own! Unless you’ve been living as a hermit for the past few decades, you’ll know that Fodera has a commitment to the quality of their instruments that few, if any, other companies out there have. That same commitment applies to the brand new Emperor 5 Standard, which was unveiled at Bass Player Live this past October.

The Emperor 5 Standard is called just that because using one set of specifications, no options, provides for speed, efficiency, and affordability in a bass that is made by the same hands and tools right in the same Brooklyn, NY shop where basses for Victor Wooten, Tony Grey, Richard Bona, Anthony Jackson, Janek Gwizdala, and our very own Managing Editor, Matt O’Donnell’s basses have been made. The impressive list of specs on the Emperor 5 Standard include:

-Medium weight Ash body
-Bi-color 5A Flame Maple top
-Premium Pau Ferro fingerboard
-1-piece Hard Rock Maple neck (quartersawn)
-Bolt-on neck construction
-34″ Scale with 24 large frets
-Mother-of-Pearl dot inlays
-Fodera dual-coil pickups
-Fodera/Pop Standard 3-band preamp
-Emperor Standard control layout
-45-125 Fodera stainless steel string set installed.

So, it goes without saying that this is an incredibly special giveaway for all of us at Bass Frontiers and Fodera. The question you’ve got to be asking yourself is, “how do I win this thing and get to join the elite ranks of bass players?”

Glad you asked!

In the past, we have made anyone who is signed up for our Newsletter eligible for any/all of our future giveaways. With this being such a game-changer, there are a few steps that you need to take for eligibility. Follow these easy steps…

You must be signed up for both Bass Frontiers’s newsletter and be a Member of Club Fodera. Membership in Club Fodera is free of charge.

1. The signup form for our newsletter can be found here.
2. The signup form for Club Fodera can be found here.
3. Please fill out this form for the giveaway which will ask you for the e-mail that you used to sign up for our newsletter, as well as your Club Fodera member name.

Once you’ve done that, then just hold your breath until March 31, 2012! That will be the day we announce the winner of the giveaway.

Excited yet? We sure are.

Game on, low-enders!

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