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Gear Review: Foundation – Revolutionary Bridge System

Review by Dave Fowler

When I first received the KSM bridge, the first thing I noticed was the construction of it. It was very well made and very lightweight. It is retrofitted for most any bass, and so I had a tech (Raymond Hardy) install it on a Yamaha P-Bass.

The fact that it locks in place once it is installed was a BIG plus to me. The installation was fairly simple and took no more than 20 minutes. Once the bridge was in place and new strings were added, the Yamaha P took on a whole new identity. The clarity, intonation, and sustain were substantially better than before. Thus, I was an instant fan of this company. When the bridge is locked down it does not appear that there is any room for movement. It is REALLY locked down!!

I would recommend this bridge to anyone looking to replace a standard bridge on ANY bass guitar. A GREAT product at a great value!

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