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July 2012: Matt O’Donnell

Recently, my presence as an editor at Bass Frontiers has been a little more outward looking. This has garnered some questions from a few different people in different areas as to whether or not we’ve silently restructured the way we operate here at Bass Frontiers. So, for this installment of Editor’s Notes, I’d like to reassure and clarify.

One of the reasons that it might be confusing as to when certain people have more presence around the magazine than others is that it is now, as it has always been, our intention to have as many of the people on the staff as possible be musicians who are still heavily gigging, recording, and actively involved in the music industry. Some of the biggest “pillow talk” we get from companies is that when products are reviewed by other bass media outlets, they’re often tested in a sterile room, being pushed or babied in ways that don’t actually apply when it matters. For instance, does it matter THAT much if a compressor is a little noisy in an 8×8 room during a 1,200 seat pop/rock show? We take nearly all the products we’re reviewing out to the gig with us, to be used as intended. That being said, sometimes it can be hard for one or two of us on staff to be really proactive here every so often when we’re on the road or such.

Our staff and principles remain greatly unchanged since I joined the magazine in early 2009. Bass Frontiers remains owned and operated by Dave Fowler, Jonathan Fowler, and Gene Fox. These three guys do an incredible job of making sure that we stay in business and have the resources to bring you some of the most quality bass-related information you can get. They are also largely in charge of developing and nurturing the relationships with companies and artists that we interact with.

Dave Fowler functions as our Editor in Chief. Dave has been a major force in the Nashville (and beyond) music scene for well over 20 years now. It is Dave’s responsibility to mandate our direction and help us steer the magazine in that direction. This sets our standard.

I am the Managing Editor of Bass Frontiers, and my discretion is used in exactly what our content is, when it will go up, and generally how it will look. I also function as a staff writer, working on educational articles, gear reviews, media reviews, and a large part the stuff we share on facebook that doesn’t just link back to here. I will also conduct interviews at times…pretty much when it’s someone I’m going to geek out over. On the most common level though, it is my job to ensure that the quality of our work is consistently the best that we can make it day to day.

We’re incredibly happy to have staff writers Ty Campbell and Brent-Anthony Johnson at Bass Frontiers. These guys review and interview a wide swath of players and their work. Ty is also very helpful at keeping the website updated with all the press news that we get in. We always get things posted in a timely manner for you to know all the cool bass news as soon as it happens!

Jarad Clement is our videographer, and he makes sure that many of our ridiculously popular video interviews look and sound as top notch as possible. Video interviews with first class bassists are one of the core foundations that we have built the last few years on, and we’re not even CLOSE to scratching the surface yet!

Beyond that, we are very open to article submissions in any area. We have had some really incredible and world-known bass players submit things to Bass Frontiers, right alongside some people who just want to get their voice heard. If you’re interested in writing something to be published by Bass Frontiers, please send it along!

I hope that clears up some of the confusion. We are very happy to have you visit Bass Frontiers, and that we can keep you coming back again and again. Actually, our number one principle is being able to help out any of our fellow bass players and musicians in any way we can. If there’s something you need that a crack team of full-time bassists can do for you, PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask!

Matt O’Donnell
Managing Editor
Bass Frontiers

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