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MI Chords for Bass

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of shapes on the bass? Ever played around with multiple notes on the bass? Let Musicians Institute Chords for Bass take you the rest of the way to mastering chord structures on the bass. This book begins with an introduction to double stops, then moves on to triads, and finally covers all the upper extensions of chords. After introducing and taking you through exercises in different keys for these chords, the shapes will begin to become familiar and easily accessible. Imagine taking a solo in a familiar key, and suddenly being able to pick out not just one but two or three notes at a time, to play together in harmony or arpeggiate individually for fast riffs and precise melodic lines across the neck of the bass.

The book includes common chord patterns in different keys, and songs in different genres using the chords and techniques introduced in this book. It contains classical music examples from your favorite composers as well as common progressions from jazz and popular styles of music. Complete with a CD of Demo tracks, the book includes everything you need to apply these structures to your playing in any style.

Musicians Institute: Chords for Bass
By Dominik Hauser
Published by Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN-13: 798-1-4234-1198-7
Cover Price: $17.99

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