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November 2011: Dave Fowler

It is very hard to believe that we are almost at the end of 2011 already! A lot has happened here this year, we blew past all our competitors on FaceBook and we continue to grow daily here at Bass Frontiers. For this, we are very grateful.

Being a small business, like so many in America, we are struggling this year because the economy is dictating what we can and cannot do to continue our growth, so that being said we want you our readers to know how very appreciated you are. This has been a labor of love for a long time now and we are still hoping that the floodgates are going to open for us eventually and we will see fruit from our labor. When I get emails from our readers that state how much they love the magazine it always makes me smile and gives me that little extra boost to carry on one more month. Never discount the importance of sending a kind note no matter how small it is always appreciated here at Bass Frontiers. I always enjoy reflecting on the year behind us around this time of year to remind myself of all the wonderful blessings we have. Even though life can be a struggle it is always worth it.

I have a lot of projects I am working on for 2012 and hope to catch you guys very soon on the road or possibly at The Canadian Rockies Bass Bash in May 2012. I plan on being there! It is a great event and I would encourage you to attend if at all possible. Until next month, be blessed! And if you make it to Nashville, TN give a holler and let’s meet up!

Bless you all!

Dave Fowler
Bass Frontiers

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