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October 2011: Dave Fowler

Hello BF readers! Well we have survived the brutal heat of summer in the south and we survived it well here at BF. It is now starting to turn to fall and the chill in the air is awesome this is by far my favorite time of the year. Living where we enjoy 4 full seasons is great because you get to see a lot of change. Sometimes, as in the words of that great theologian, Sheryl Crowe, a change will do you good. That always seems to be the case. It is like the old Christian saying when one door closes, another opens.

Never fear change, welcome it. This is a good thing to try to keep in mind especially in the economy we are currently experiencing in the United States, and a number of other places in the world. While we all HATE losing jobs that give us security, sometimes it is meant that we get out of our comfort zones (which is sometimes what it takes for us to get motivated) and find things to sustain our well being. Or better yet, create things to make money for our families. Trust me, this is how millionaires are built. Trial and error coupled with getting knocked down are teachers of the best kind. Getting up, dusting yourself off, and facing adversity time and again until you find something that can fill a much needed void in society is what will set you apart from the rest.

The key is when you get knocked down, DO NOT STAY DOWN, FOR THAT IS THE KISS OF DEATH! Do not give up and take a stand that you will not quit until you find success. I have found that the people who win in the music business are the ones who simply outlast the others…so today I would encourage you to please dig deep and keep at your craft until you “find success”, and believe me you will, eventually. You gotta always keep the goal in mind and keep your hand to the plow and NEVER look back! That is the key my friends.

In my last Editors notes I recognized some team members who have gone the extra mile for us and left out a very important “KEY” guy. His name is Jarad Clement, from New Orleans. Jarad is our on staff videographer. He does an amazing job for us here at Bass Frontiers handling all our video needs and assisting with the social networking. We appreciate what Jarad does for us and certainly want to recognize him for all he does at Bass Frontiers.

Please keep in mind to stay focused on your goals remember that with the fall comes Thanksgiving and as for myself I sure have a LOT to be thankful for…what about you?

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