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Review: The Bass Handbook

Review: The Bass Handbook

By Trevor Anema

What can I say about The Bass Handbook? I love it! To use the word “comprehensive” in describing this book would be a gross understatement. It’s as if this book should be included with every bass guitar ever bought or sold.

It has everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! You can’t learn about bass without learning about the players and the history, right? Don’t worry, that information is in there. What about the instruments, amplifiers, speakers, cables and maintenance?  All of that is covered too. The author even details replacing pickups and buying tips.

We haven’t even touched on playing fundamentals, exercises, or advanced concepts yet, all of which are covered extensively. The Bass Handbook provides outstanding instruction in modern techniques, and playing in a variety of styles and genres. It provides practical instruction on reading tab and standard notation and is also accompanied by a CD that details many of the books 90 musical exercises and examples.

Author Adrian Ashton has thought of and covered every piece of necessary information relating to the bass guitar without wasting a word. He was even thoughtful enough to spiral bind the pages within this hardcover bass bible to make it convenient on a music stand!

Don’t even think about not buying a copy of this book! Get 3 copies:  1 for the house, 1 for the gig bag and 1 for a friend.  Even the legendary John Paul Jones admits to being enthralled by this book as he writes in the foreword. To sum up, when they printed “The complete guide to mastering the bass guitar” on the front cover, they were telling the truth. Buy it. Read it. Master your instrument.


The Bass Handbook. Book. Hardcover. 256 pages. 10.8×9.4×0.8 inches.

Author Adrian Ashton

Published by Backbeat Books

ISBN-10: 0879308729 / ISBN-13: 978-0879308728

Available online at:



Cover Price: $27.99, pricing varies depending on website

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