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Review: Craig Shoedler – Giorni a Venezia

Brent-Anthony Johnson
Bass Frontiers Staff Contributor

I first met Craig in 2001 just after the release of his By The Water. Since then I’ve become a true fan of his approach to the electric bass guitar. His playing is actually “pretty” in so many ways! Also, he’s always been really cool to chat with!

Craig’s 2012 release is his fourth offering and, in my humble opinion, it’s the best of the bunch! This is the embodiment of graceful, peaceful, thoughtful and well-executed solo bass playing! If you’re able, catch Craig at the many jazz festivals and cruises where he’s found gainful employment!

As I’ve said before, when you hear Craig, you immediately understand that he’s simply created to do what he does! There is something wonderfully unique about his approach and he’s a joy to listen to. Giorni a Venezia is one of those all-too-rare CDs that present the bass guitar as lead instrument without simultaneously detracting from the music! I can’t wait to hear the next release!
Must Hear Tunes: “Gelato con Due Palle”, “Giorni a Venezia”


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