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Review: Creation Audio Labs Funkulator

Ty Campbell
Bass Frontiers Staff Writer

funkulatorNew, from Creation Audio Labs, comes the Funkulator. The Funkulator helps to shape the EQ of your bass tone where the amp has left off. While focused mainly towards slap style playing, the Funkulator also works great with finger and pick style playing as well.

The Funkulator is, in it’s own right, a funky looking pedal. Housed in an all metal casing, and a thick casing at that, the Funkulator provides an on/off toggle switch and an EQ control knob rounded out with a purple top. A 9V power supply is required as the unit doesn’t work with 9V batteries. On the bottom side of the pedal, there are 4 screw hole slots, which makes it easier to move from a pedal board to a stand alone unit without having to deal with using velcro, or whatever you use to secure your pedals to your pedal board.

Connections are simple and straight forward. At the top side of the Funkulator, you have the input, output and the connection for the 9V adapter. I used the boss adapter and it works just fine. Once plugged in, I just wanted to stare at it. On the top, the word Funkulator is cut out of the metal casing with a backlight that goes from green to red, then back to green again.

Once I geared up and plugged into the Funkulator, that’s when the fun and tones started happening, With the EQ sweep, i got everything from a hi-fi tone all the way to a deep rich bass tone. I like the idea of just having just one knob to fine adjust the EQ . I tried the Funkulator on both a jazz bass with round-wounds, and a P bass with flat-wounds and it performed to my liking. Playing with a pick did provide that metallic sound that it claimed it would. The Funkulator will work great in any environment and the idea of being able to switch tones when going from a finger style to a slap style with just the push of a button is a great feature to have.

Not only does the Funkulator give you the funky tones you need at the turn of a knob and flick of a switch, it looks as funky as it sounds!

You can view the full press release here.
The Funkulator is available factory direct at www.CreationAudioLabs.com/Funkulator and through select retailers.
Creation Audio Labs

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