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Review: David Berger Jazz Improv Studies Vol. 1

Review by Ty Campbell
Bass Frontiers Contributor

Jazz Improv Studies Volume 1 is the first in a 4 part series. This is, by far, not your typical play along series. This series is very well thought out and will keep you busy for quite some time, while helping to expand your musical approach to it’s fullest. The series works great with both upright and electric bass.

I should also note that the series is available for other instruments as well. Volume 1 starts out with a brief introduction, suggestions for playing the etudes, articulation, and some very articulate exercises for thumb position on upright bass.

There are 10 etudes in Volume 1. These include “I Got Rhythm”, “Perdido”, “Take the “A” Train”, and “Honeysuckle Rose” among others. Each etude starts out with a brief introduction explaining the tune and common similarities with other tunes. Each tune follows the format of going through scales, arpeggios, and improvisation. None of the three are done in a typical fashion and even passing tones are thrown in with the scale and arpeggio styles.

I have included some samples from Volume 1 below for “I Got Rhythm”. Example 1 is the brief introduction. Example 2 is a scale sample, Example 3 is the arpeggio sample, and Example 4 is the improvisation sample.

The book and CD together are $17.50 and can be ordered from Chas Collins Publications or by calling (845) 680 – 6880.

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