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Review: The Funky Bass Book

Review: The Funky Bass Book

By Trevor Anema

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. However, in this case I urge you to do the exact opposite. One look at this book and you know exactly what you are going to get: A Cooperstown collection of the founding fathers of funk bass.

This book is jam packed with articles, interviews and recommended listening from all the heavy hitters we know and love plus a bunch most of us have never heard of. Here’s a partial look at the roster: Stanley Clarke, Larry Graham, Les Claypool, Chuck Rainey, the bassists of Parliament and James Brown, a foreword by Bootsy Collins and every major player from Gospel to hip-hop and neo-soul. What more can you ask for? Any bass player who cares about their instrument would do well to flip through this book and pick up some knowledge.

The Funky Bass Book will teach you who the pioneers of bass were, how they approached our instrument and how the biggest low-end innovators feel about music and their peers. At Last! The people who wrote the book on playing bass are all together in a book and are ready to impart their invaluable knowledge to you for less than $20. Enjoy!


The Funky Bass Book. Softcover. 256 pages. 9×6 inches.

Author Bill Leigh

Published by Backbeat Books

ISBN-10: 0879309946  / ISBN-13: 978-0879309947

Available online at:



Cover Price: $14.99, price varies by website

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