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Review: Lettuce – Fly

Brent-Anthony Johnson
Bass Frontiers Staff Contributor

Pure Groove. There. That’s the entire review. Okay… Lettuce is a funky (funk, funky, funky) septet with special guests that brings the acid-jam-horn-band into the new century.

This, their third release in a strong twenty years and counting history, is head-boppin’ goodness all the way to the next house party! A friend of mine and I listened to their cover of War’s “Slippin’ Into Darkness” twice before going home after a particularly great gig last week. Perfect.

Drummer Adam Deitch once again leads the group as its drummer and chief songwriter, and there is something both writhingly loose and wetsuit tight between him and bassist Erick Coomes that moves this music the way it moves. This is ‘bottoms up” music to be sure, and if you’re not moving to these tunes you might want to check your pulse!

There is just too much dub, funky 9#11 guitar, deep soul, and inspired layered grooves to go into. Suffice to say, it wouldn’t hurt anyone I’m reaching to add a little Lettuce to their musical diet! Must Hear Tunes: “Ziggowatt”, Madison Square”, “Do Like I Do”, “Slippin’ Into Darkness”

Lettuce Fly is available at amazon.com

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