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Review: Mike Claiborne – The Diary Of…

Brent-Anthony Johnson
Bass Frontiers Staff Writer

Mike Claiborne’s “The Diary Of…” is a really cool outing, and the ambitious premier release by this stalwart sideman and Nashville, TN native. The material on the CD doesn’t gamut as much as it is a very clear display of Mike undeniable playing ability and exacting vision. The compositions are very cool, and every instrumental phrase is delivered with a depth and precision that creates a clear and very well produced release! Nicely done, Mike!

A surprise on the CD was Mike’s arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s “Living For The City”! Fortunately, this version moves beyond mere affectation to showcase a deft thumb showcase. The title track pays homage to our beloved Jaco Pastorius, and, once again, Mike delivers a well-written arrangement and speaks over the melody line in his clear, pronounced voice! Each tune on the CD displays another aspect of Mike’s playing and writing style. Also noted that with the exception of drummer Andy Hull, Mike plays all the other instruments! Mike Claiborne is poised to do great things and he’s made a very conspicuous and distinguished start with The Diary Of…
Must hear tunes: “High Praise”, “Chromo”, “First Light”

Mike Claiborne’s “The Diary Of…” is available at amazon and iTunes

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