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Review: Shure ULX-D Wireless Unit

Dave Fowler

I must admit that when it comes to wireless units for bass guitar I have always avoided them. This is mainly because of the many issues that can come with units that are generally cost-effective. However, when I called Shure to see what was new out there in the world of instrument wireless units, I found the surprise of my life. Being an older player and very old school (not to mention picky as all get out), I asked the local area rep if I could drop by Soundcheck, one of the major rehearsal facilities here in Nashville, to try out this unit and he was happy to oblige.

He had a rig just as I requested and I took my trusty old bass so that every piece of gear would be in line with what I use live. This would give me a better idea on what my tone “should be like”. I still remained skeptical, considering the number of units I’ve used! We finally got it all set up and when I fired it up it really caught my ear and took me by surprise. There was really no compromise as far as frequencies go. All the highs and lows were intact. It was very even and quiet (super quiet to be truthful), which is important because so many wireless units have a lot of noise getting caught in the air between the transmitter and receiver. I couldn’t believe I was hearing a wireless unit that was as good as and in some ways better than an actual high end cable. No lie!

It was super simple to scan and sync the metal belt packs, which feel very well constructed (I bet they’ll hold up for a long time). Oh, and get this. The belt packs are (optionally) rechargeable, so there’s no need to carry a huge box of AA batteries around on the road anymore. I can also use 2 belt packs on the same frequency (as long as the one not in use is in the off position…I may have learned that the hard way on a MAJOR artist gig…). Now I can roam the stage freely and never wonder if I am gonna lose signal or sacrifice any tone!

I would highly recommend if you are looking for a wireless for your instrument that you please check out the new ULX-D digital unit from Shure. This thing is amazing and then some. It does run a little pricey (in the area of $1400), but to me great tone and freedom on stage is kinda like your health…how do you put a price on it?

I simply cannot give this unit enough kudos…I really love the Shure ULX-D.

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