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Review: TC Electronic Ditto Looper

Ty Campbell
Bass Frontiers Staff Writer

ditto_looper_mainThe latest in looping technology, coming straight from TC Electronic is the Ditto Looper. This is a no frills pedal designed for basically any instrument wielding player out there and extremely user friendly!

Housed in what I would call a half-case, which is about half the size of a normal pedal, the Ditto Looper is very minimal and sets out to do what it is designed to do, create loops from musical passages, riffs, or whatever kind of loop you want to create. Because of the size, there is no space for a battery, which means the Ditto Looper does need a 9v power supply, which must be obtained separately. Connecting your bass and amp are the same as other pedals, bass plugs in on the right, and amp connects on the left.

Even though the ditto looper doesn

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  1. Personally, I chose the Boss RC-3 when I was in the market for a looper but I’ve also used my friend’s Ditto looper and it’s AWESOME at what it does.

    I scoured Amazon’s best seller list and really weighed the features as well as the pros and cons before plunking my cash down and deciding for myself.

    Whether it’s the Ditto, Boss, or DigiTech…they’re all solid loopers it’s all about what you need and what you do with them. Cheers!

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