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Review: TECH 21-NYC VT Bass DI

VT_Bass_DI_mainNew from TECH 21-NYC comes the VT Bass DI. I’m going to get right to the point on this little wonder from TECH 21. The VT Bass DI is tough, rugged, and will be noticed when added to your arsenal. For the genre of music that I play, my preference of the suggested sample settings is the Fat Tube, however, don’t let that discount the fact that the other sample settings suggested by TECH 21 sound great as well. In between breaks in the evening gig, I inserted the VT Bass DI into a slot on my pedal board, removing an effect that I knew I wasn’t going to use the rest of the evening and disabled my current preamp.

After a brief test just to check settings, I was ready to go, and little did I know or even think anyone in the band would notice the change. Midway through the first tune into our third set of the night, one of the vocalists turned to me and asked “Did you change something ?” Well, I explained to him that I did and he mentioned he liked my tone before, but that things really stood out now and he would like for me to keep it that way. I was sold on the variety of tones produced by the VT Bass DI even before he had mentioned that and I know that the VT Bass DI is going to make another pedal sad to be replaced.

Now, getting a little into the tech details of the pedal. First off, the VT Bass DI gives you a directed sound into Ampeg style bass rigs. There are seven controls knobs for level, blend, mid, character, drive, low, and high. These controls are pretty self explanatory, but I would strongly suggest reading the manual on these and the other features. Speaking of other features, the VT Bass DI can be used as a pre-amp or stomp-box with a bass rig, or used just to drive a power amp, and of course, for recording. Again, make sure to refer to the manual for connection options and recommended settings.

There are a few buttons that add distinctive features to the VT Bass DI. Bite, when used, really enhances the clarity of the tone adding noticeable definition and the speaker simulation feature give you the image of 10″ speakers. Personally, I find this a nice advantage when using the VT Bass DI for recording. Inputs and outputs are 1/4″, parallel, and balanced XLR that also allows the VT Bass DI to be used with phantom power and the VT Bass DI can be engaged/disengaged with the footswitch. The only feature that I would welcome is a way to save presets. One last thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the packaging. Some of you may not have pedal boards, or only use a sparingly amount of effects, etc., to not require or really necessitate a pedal board. The VT Bass DI comes packaged in a really cool metal tin box that will provide the necessary protection for transporting the pedal and protecting it from damage for many years to come.

The VT Bass DI from TECH 21-NYC is a great product that is versatile and can produce many tonal options. Check out one at a music retailer near you!

Check out the TECH 21-NYC VT Bass DI

If you do prefer to be able to save presets, check out the TECH 21-NYC VT Bass Deluxe

Be sure to check out the complete line of product offerings from TECH 21-NYC

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