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Review: Tony Grey – Unknown Angels

Review by Brent-Anthony Johnson

The great Tony Grey takes a travelogue approach to his 3rd outing as a leader, and the results are absolutely stunning! There is a shimmering quality to this release that harkens back to his premier release as a leader, 2004’s …Moving (followed by the amazing Chasing Shadows in 2007). But the maturity and optimism in which he journeys and journals in this current season of his life provides a warmth that is missing from many “bass CDs” we’ve endured over the years.

Unknown Angels is all about the journey, and there is something here that speaks to every musician’s passage through linear time. This CD speaks very clearly, and has all ready become a necessary part of my personal travels, of late.

Tony converses openly from the standpoint of his incredible musicianship, and that is because he is also a deeply accomplished composer – which transcends even the jaw dropping, “how did he do that”, soloing and interplay that seasons this release!

In addition to playing incredible electric bass guitar, Tony also deftly handles acoustic guitar, vocals and keys here… and he even mans the acoustic contra bass on the title track and the poignant Some Are Saved, Some Are Lost. Guitarist Michele Locatelli and harmonicist Gregiore Maret are the outstanding supporting musicians on this CD – that also features Deatoni Parks, Obed Calvaire, Selvaganesh, U. Shrinivas, and Mahesh Vinayakram.

Must Hear Tunes: Awake and Dreaming, Living Underground, Song From Above

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