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Review: Victor Wooten – Words And Tones

Brent-Anthony Johnson
Bass Frontiers Staff Writer

In light of the announced extended hiatus of Bela Fleck & The Flecktones the great Victor Wooten has released coinciding CD projects Sword And Stone and Words And Tones. After a deliciously presented spoken word “Listen and Be Silent” the great Claudette Sierra (vocals) and David Haymes (drums) launch into the beautiful “Sword And Stone” which features a wonderful Victor Wooten solo. But, as in all things “Victor Wooten it’s the ensemble playing that speak loudly (and often more deeply musically) than the flash. Even after winning 5 Grammys, much of the audience is still listening for the flash… all the while missing the great musicality inherent in he often overlooked tunes! Real tunes! The dance of the human race is in the song… not the flash. Victor, as much as anyone I’ve ever listened to, understands and displays exactly that joy and wonder of “the song”! Words And Tones is a wonderful display of that aspect of this legendary bassist’s bag of skills.

Words And Tones is produced engineered and mixed by Wooten and feature him on a variety of electric and acoustic bass guitars, keyboards, percussion and strings. He also lends well as vocals, and (of course) the fiery technical prowess and unbelievable bass solos that have made Victor Wooten a name known the world over.

As this is such a vocally driven outing for Victor, it would be a failure to ignore the many great vocalists who graced Words And Tones:
Saundra Williams, Divinity Roxx, (the incomparable) Me’shell Ndegeocello, Kit LaBlanc, Krystal Peterson, Claudette Sierra, Kaila Wooten, Cheryl Morse, Theonita Valentine, and Cheryl Morse – who presents a beautiful duet with Joey Kibble of Take 6 notoriety: “Be What U Are”.

Must hear tunes: “Sword And Stone”, “I Can’t Make You Love me”, “Brooklyn”, “When U Grow Up”
Words And tones is another impossibly good release by Victor. This is really, really good. THANKS Vic!

Victor Wooten “Words And Tones” is available on iTunes.

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