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Roger Waters Tours with Ampeg

Just Another Amp in the Wall
Roger Waters Tours with Ampeg

When The Wall was first staged back in 1980, it broke new ground in rock opera sound and visuals. The show brought to life a surreal animation and its memorable wall, constructed brick by brick throughout the show, only to be toppled in the final act.

Thirty years on, Roger Waters is taking The Wall out for a whole new generation of fans, employing a whole new generation of technology to make the show ever more groundbreaking and visually compelling. When it came time to build his wall of bass for this tour he turned to Ampeg. His latest Ampeg gear includes three SVT-7PRO 1000 Watt heads and three PRO NEO 410HLF 4×10 bass cabinets.

After several months of sold-out dates and rave reviews across North America, The Wall
Tour is now selling out halls and arenas across Europe, before heading to Asia and Australia later in the year.

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