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Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp

Ty Campbell
Bass Frontiers Staff Writer

Roy Vogt just recently held his fantasy bass boot camp here in Nashville, TN and from the feedback that I have received, it was quite exceptional and spectacular. Roy’s co-teacher during the week was Tim Smith and guest instructors were also in-house during the boot camp and included exceptional bassists such as Adam Nitti, Brian Bromberg, and Bernard Lackner.

The first morning session was taught by Roy and Tim, followed by clinics with Adam and Bernard who them ‘team taught’ the students in smaller groups. Later in the week, Brian Bromberg held a morning clinic and master class with insight into technique and how to improve one’s playing. Each student was given a song at the start of the week to work on and performed a concert at the Rutledge on Thursday evening with the Urban Legend band and then headed to the studio to record on Friday. Each song was written specifically for the bass camp and was distributed to the students based on their level of playing.

There were students that had been playing 4-6 months and advanced students with years of experience. Some of the students had never played in bands, to some that were just playing in their church band, and others playing in 2 or 3 bands. The focus of the camp was to achieve a balance between experience and education and from speaking with all of the students, they were very pleased and extremely happy with their experience and educational learning that they received from Roy, Tim, and the guest instructors.

Roy is planning another Fantasy Bass Boot Camp in July of 2013 during the week after Summer NAMM here in Nashville. He is also planning events next year for Australia and the UK. Roy received support from LaBella strings, DR Strings, Aquilar amps, and Carvin basses for the camp.

I met with each of the students who came from all over to get their reaction from the camp and this is what they had to say:

Keiko from Toronto – Roy’s camp has given us the opportunity to fulfill the dream of playing with pro musicians on stage and recording in a pro studio.

Deborah from Chicago – The camp has taken me to the next level of learning and educating me about the bass, industry, and camaraderie. The lesson structure among the teachers and students was sustained at a level of professionalism for the entire week.

Mark from Colorado Springs – We had exposure to the best in the industry that treated us with dignity and respect. The camp has cemented the instrument firmly in my grasp.

Phil from Greenwood, SC – I came here with very high expectations and they were exceeded!

Warren from Tampa, FL – The secret to the success of the boot camp was the patience and understanding of Roy and Tim Smith and the exceptional teaching ability of Adam, Bernard, and Brian.

Woody from Huntsville, AL – I’ve been playing since December (2011). I bought Roy’s course in March and after going through the first 3 lessons it inspired me to come to his camp. The camp has instilled a confidence in me to continue pursuing the dream to play bass.

Kevin from Newport, RI – What has impressed me the most is the talent that Roy has brought in, and to have an intimate audience with all of the instructors

John from the Netherlands – The TMBG course is down to earth and has a warmth to it which is encouraging for a new student. Coming to the camp has been more of the same. Learning a lot has made me more confident and that confidence has been built by such camaraderie between the students and the teachers.

Kevin from Marion, IN – The bass camp has been the most amazing experience because it took players of all levels and treated them all with the same amount of respect.

Brian from Moline, IL – It was unbelievable! It’s amazing how you can improve over the course of 5 days. Everyone of the instructors are incredible people and they not only taught from the heart, but technique as well. Everyone of the instructors was able to teach each student at their level.

Ray from Okotoks, Alberta – The camp showed me how little I knew, how much there was to learn, and how to learn it.

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