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Sandberg Guitar News

sanberg_buckeyeJeans Finish now available as regular custom option!

In the last year we have experimented extensively with some new and really unusual techniques in order to create individual never-seen finishes for our instruments. After the first successful experiments with leather-coated basses it inspired us to try the same with the good old denim jeans. We liked the result so much that we can now offer the “Jeans Finish” as a regular custom option. There’s not much more to say about it, the pictures speak for themselves! (upcharge and delivery time on request)

New top wood: Buckeye-Burl

We’re also frequently trying out new top woods to find additional candidates for our “Exotic Wood Tops” list. One of the most spectacular new purchases is Buckeye-Burl. It comes from California and is known for extraordinary beautiful wood grains, inclusions and color variations. A bass made with this wood top will always retain a unique individual look and be substantially different even from a bass built to the exact same specifications. Ask your sandberg dealer of trust about prices and delivery times!


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