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September 2011: Dave Fowler

Well, summer is slowly slipping away. Frankly, I am happy for a little cooler weather for a change. I had the honor of visiting Ft. Campbell, KY (which is the 5th largest Army base in the US and home to the 101st Airborne, Screaming Eagles) just yesterday and had a GREAT day but it was emotionally draining. Today, we hold a special day of remembrance for September 11 here in the United States, and the acts of violence that were perpetrated on this country on this date in 2001. After visiting with many soldiers (some wounded whose lives changed forever), we are reminded of the sacrifice they make on a daily basis so the rest of us can live life and enjoy the freedoms that we can easily take for granted.

I was in Washington, D.C. when the earthquake hit the East Coast a few weeks ago. We enjoyed a few days of visiting many awesome places. I would encourage any American citizens, as well as any international visitors, to plan a trip to Washington, D.C. (however if you do so make sure you have lots of days to devote to hardcore tourism) or any place you may be near that has helped shape our great country into what we love and enjoy so much today.

There are many places with so much to offer. I, for one, love my home, the United States, so much I get emotional about her very easily.

I am so appreciative of the public servants who tirelessly serve. I found it very interesting that none of the Army personnel I met ever complained about the job they do. Some of them had multiple surgeries and are struggling to walk and in some cases struggling to even speak. One young man has endured 190 surgeries due to a land mine that had almost destroyed his legs.

Please take the time to visit a national monument or take a special trip to any of the beautiful landscapes of the United States to rekindle your love for our country. I am hopeful that we NEVER forget the terrible events of 9/11 because if we forget the past we are indeed doomed to repeat it. Bless you all till next month!

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