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Review: The Pocket Picker

Brent-Anthony Johnson
Bass Frontiers Staff Contributor

When my friend Dominique di Piazza contacted me about demo’ing his new product, The Pocket Picker, I jumped at the chance! This is a great new tool that allows you to practice your right hand bass technique anywhere.

Upon its arrival I immediately threw the shoestring “strap” around my neck and right shoulder and began shredding away on the thumb-and-three-fingers picking technique I’ve been working on over the past year. The Pocket Picker worked like a dream come true, and I haven’t put it down since! Not only that… but I’ve taken it with me when walking my dog, AND I used it to great effect when warming-up for the gig!

After a month of using this device, I can say that my plucking-hand has become noticeably smoother and somewhat more articulate and dynamic. As part of my pre-gig regimen, I’ll stand outside the venue and pace myself through two-finger, three-finger, and thumb-and-three-finger exercises. After about ten minutes, I’m completely ready for the evening’s set! I really dig this tool!

The coolest thing of all ? The Pocket Picker fits easily into my gig bag – right alongside my laptop and iPad. I’m going to have to say that the Pocket Picker is the best tool on the market for anyone who is rethinking his or her plucking-hand technique and function.


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