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Victor Wooten Audiobook Giveaway!

Friends, we will be giving away two copies of an audiobook of the best-selling novel “The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search For Growth Through Music”!

The Music Lesson Audio Book is read by 5-time Grammy Award winner Victor L. Wooten along with world-renowned musicians Michael Kott, Chuck Rainey, Regi Wooten, Steve Bailey, JD Blair, and others, including Dorothy Wooten as the voice of Music.

This unique audio production also features original music performed by Victor, Howard Levy, Bela Fleck, Eric Struthers, Federico Pena, Joseph Wooten, Regi Wooten, Roy Wooten, Steve Bailey, Muriel Anderson, and more.

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  1. Hey Vic! Merry Christmas to you and yours and thanks for all you do to change the world through music.


  2. If you have not read this book, DO IT NOW! Victor has captured the essence of how to think like a bass player. I identify with him all the way. Each chapter has a single bar of music. Put them together you have a song. really, I put them together in Finale and sure nuf, a really nice tune. So go buy the book!

  3. Victor Wooten..
    one of my favourite bass player..
    GBU Victor..

  4. Victor,I saw you in St.Petersburg,Fl.at Janus Landing (Tampa Bay area and your show was the Bomb ! Brad”C” Jizz Mo’ than Just Jazz ! WMNF,Tampa 88.5 fm or http://www.wmnf.org Peace

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