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Video Interview: Billy Sheehan

You know Billy Sheehan. He’s been with us before. Billy has spent the better part of the last year or so working on a new Mr. Big album, “What if…”. The album has just come out for our friends in Japan, will very soon be released in Europe, and we will finally get in the USA in February.

Billy has been incredibly kind to Bass Frontiers over time, and last year, we presented him with the Billy Sheehan award, which will go to various bass players as time goes on. Yes friends, Billy is awesome enough that he earned an award named after him! We caught up with Billy in LA this past October, and he gave us some updates. Enjoy!


Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Thank you for sharing the video interview of Billy Sheehan. It’s always a treat for me to hear him speak about his craft. As I grew up in the Buffalo area as well, I was able to see him perform with Talas back in the late ’70”s. In fact, his was first experience with live music. I’ve been and cintunue to be a big fan of of him and his music.

  2. Hey Guys! Thanks so much to you and Billy Sheehan for doing these clips!
    What a great Bass player and genuine guy with a wealth of experience to share.
    Would love to sit and have a few Beers with Billy and talk Basses for hours :o)

  3. Just wanted to say that Billy Sheehan is the S_ _T. A bass prodigy that spans all generations, my kids are 5 and know exactly who Billy Sheehan is and always will. My first experience with Billy was with Talas at a small club in Houston I was blown away and have been idolizing his style and flamboyance every since. Keep up the good work Billy and I look forward to your upcoming Mr. Big Tour I’ll be the one there with bells on. Just to plant a seed a Talas reunion tour would be awesome…

  4. Billy is just a fantastic, great spokesman for Bass Players, really impresses me with how well he articulates his views – Great Great Player!!

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