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Video Interview: Stefan Lessard

Stefan Lessard really needs no introduction. Fonz is the guy who gets to play bass standing next to Carter Beauford, and behind Dave Matthews. For 20 years, since the age of 16, he has been part of Dave Matthews band. They have consistently been at the top of highest grossing tours for years, and have released no less than around 30 live records, all of which are eagerly received by fans, which just shows the infinite variety of each and every one of their performances. When we got to sit down with Stefan before the DMB gig in Atlanta this past fall, he was gracious enough to share how he came to play the bass as well as how he approaches playing music (questions that inquiring minds generally always discuss on message boards of the band’s numerous fan sites like antsmarching.org).

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  1. Good Stuff…my favorite one yet. I love how Steffan explain’s the techniques, instruments, and life skills so organically and “real”. Will watch this one again and again.


    Manic Bloom

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