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Video Interview: TM Stevens

I have been a fan of T.M. Stevens as long as I can remember. His resumé is quite extensive and equally as impressive! I finally had a chance to meet him in early 1990 while he was with Joe Cocker doing a co-headline tour with Stevie Ray Vaughan. It would end up being a bittersweet moment. Little did I know, that would be the last time I would see Stevie Ray in person, as he died on August 27th of that same year. Upon being introduced to T.M. by a fellow band member, he was instantly friendly to me and I was in awe of him as a bass player and a human being. I’d only seen him in ads and videos before, but now this “larger than life” personality was finally in my presence. We spoke about many things, but mostly “BASS!”

I am proud to say many years later, I have forged a friendship with T.M. that I will cherish till the day I die. We speak as often as we can and I have grown to love him as a friend over the years. You gotta love his larger than life personality. This interview was shot in his hotel room during NAMM. There are several great stories throughout this interview, so be sure to watch all three parts! I hope you enjoy this bass guitar icon’s interview!

Dave Fowler
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