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Video Interview: Tony Levin

When a bass player thinks “prog rock” to themselves, Tony Levin is pretty much the first person to come to mind. Tony Levin has been involved with Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Liquid Tension Experiment, and Bozzio, Levin, & Stevens. Odds are, if you listen to a rock radio station for around 4 hours, you will hear a Tony Levin bass track.

In addition to being a crucial member of many prog rock bands, Levin has also been a first-call session/tour player for nearly 40 years, including work with Paul Simon, John Lennon, Stevie Nicks, Pink Floyd, Peter Frampton, James Taylor, Gary Burton, Buddy Rich, and Cher.

“Though there are many artists he has played and recorded with, I got into Tony’s playing through progressive rock pioneers King Crimson and Peter Gabriel. Little did I know at that time Tony would have tremendous impact on me as a bassist. His unique approach and style is what makes everything he does so great, and that in my opinion is the mark of great musician. His tone is also unforgettable, and he still continues to “wow” people around the world wielding his Music Man Stingray!

It was cool to sit down in his hotel room and listen to his story. It is always a big deal for me to be able to meet my heroes. I hope everyone enjoys the following video interview with the great Tony Levin.” -Dave Fowler / Editor in Chief

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  1. Tony Levin is the cream-of-the-crop – my son and I were very taken with his performance with Peter Gabriel during the “Growing Up” Tour of 2003 – completely awesome. Thanks for sharing your talent and love of music with us, Tony!

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  2. I am fortunate to live near Tony and see him play locally. I have chatted with Tony on occasion and he is just so laid back. Much respect to Tony.

  3. Tony is all class. Very talented people are usually so aloof. Not so here.

  4. tony i dident know u you were the bottom end of the great king krimson i love 3 of a perfect pair i am hungering to here it once again thanks so much for your exelence from moanie1

  5. king krimson 3 of a perfect pair is out of sight moanei1

  6. I attended a PG concert in Rio, late in the 90’s and got really impressed with his technique. Next time Tony’s band tour South Am

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