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Video Interview: Verdine White

The first comment generally heard when a normal person mentions Earth, Wind, & Fire bassist, Verdine White, is how dynamic his stage presence is, with his movement while playing and outfits you can see from the back row. Then, if they catch on, they throw in, “…and what a MONSTER musician, too!” Indeed, Verdine has had a legendary career over the past 40 years with Earth, Wind, & Fire. In this time, six Grammy wins (and eleven more nominations) have come his way, not to mention the 50 gold and platinum albums earned through sales. In 2008, Verdine was cemented into the pantheon by receiving Bass Player magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to him by Nathan East. Verdine is also a huge community supporter, as a 2007 inductee into the Boys & Girls Club Alumni Hall of Fame. He has even formed his own foundation to provide musical education to gifted, underprivileged students.


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  1. I can truthfully say that of all the great bands I have seen live, Earth Wind and Fire was one of the most exciting in a live performance. Verdine White is an inspiration to many professional players and has certainly made his mark on the music scene. He is responsible for some of the best music in the past few decades.

  2. Great interview! Great bassist! Great individual!

  3. After watching and listening to Verdine White, I feel so much better about my choice to become a musician because he confirmed my very sentiments about being a musician.Listening is so very important! You have to love it and you can’t do it part time!! I am always in awe whenever I see Verdine and/or Earth,Wind & Fire perform. They’ve been an inspiration since the beginning of my musical training.

  4. Fantastic, I loved what I herd. Especially the part about doing it with the full commitment as in no moonlighting. Thanks for letting folks know this is not a paper boy part time hobby. This is a real respectable craft that requires discipline. And yes I’ve ben in recording situations ware one would have thought that the engineer forgot that there was a bass player recording with the rest of the band. Thanks for letting folks know that we are a significant part of the music. And yes It’s the coolest thing to love performing on stage and giving to the folks for a smile. I love it and the work that comes with it. Thanks Verdine

  5. I wish this interview was longer. I think there is a need for the more experienced musicians to share more of their experiences with the younger ones. It is also very interesting to hear other musicians discuss or share stories because you realize that, as musicians, you share a certain uniqueness that’s at the same time, common to most who share themselves through music. Verdine is a very spiritually beautiful person. Thanks.

  6. I must say that Verdine White has been an inspiration for me learning to play bass, I have many others as well but he was the first. It started back when I first heard the Open Our Eyes album back around 74 or 75, I listened to Kalimba song and Drum Song, should’ve changed that songs name cause the bass was all I listened to! I was hooked. Also his solo in New World Symphony was great too. When I first saw him live on stage I said yup thats what I want to do!!

  7. I grew up listening to Verdine. I learned as many licks as I could from his records. He is certainly at the top of my list for bassist who have influenced my playing. EW&F has always been my favorite group and he is a HUGE reason why. Thanks VW for your many years of outstanding performing!

  8. He played with Ralph Johnson too, also this needs to be longer, like how the levitation trick came out? The vibrato thing on the E? What album was the hardest to record? His favorite tour? Most difficult tour? Working with level42? Why switching to yamaha in 82’s? Why fender is his favorite bass?

    A true legend this guy is

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