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Warwick Bass Camp News

2014 is shaping up to be an amazing year for bass lovers all around the world! The third
iteration of the Gitarre & Bass and Warwick Bass Camp will take place from September 1
to September 5, 2014 here in Markneukirchen, Germany! And you know what this
means – expect a breathtaking roster of superstar bassists and an entire week filled with
clinics and fun all about the bass!

If you would still like to be a part of this bass extravaganza of epic proportions that is
without equal in all of Europe, we recommend that you submit your registration quickly!
As of today, only six out of 80 spots are left! Yes, that’s right – Bass Camp 2014 is almost
sold out ten months prior to the event already, so register today! Once all spots are
taken, new registrations will be put on a waiting list.

Also note that our special early bird pricing is still valid – please see below for details! No
doubt about it – any bass lover owes it to themselves not to miss this one-of-a-kind event.

Registrations by December 31, 2013
699.00 Euros – all inclusive
Registrations by June 30, 2014
799.00 Euros – all inclusive
Registrations starting from July 01, 2014
899.00 Euros – all inclusive


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