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Warwick Press Release – MAKING OF Video: Dolphin Pro I – Swamp Ash Body #16-3189

Warwick Press Release – MAKING OF Video: Dolphin Pro I – Swamp Ash Body #16-3189

From raw wood to finished instruments: In our MAKING OF videos we show the production of Warwick Masterbuilt basses at the Custom Shop in Markneukirchen / Germany.

Warwick Custom Shop Masterbuilt Dolphin Pro I – Swamp Ash Body #16-3189

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 11.16.18 AM

What a composition: spectacular curved body shaping, “Rainbow” front & side LED dot and dolphin fingerboard inlays, gold hardware and White Transparent Finish. Today, our MAKING OF video shows the creation of another Custom Shop masterpiece: a Warwick Masterbuilt Dolphin Pro I 4 string bass with Swamp Ash Body and hidden Wenge neck. Swamp Ash is also used for the matching headstock, the three-dimensional White Transparent Finish decorates both front and back and also the headstock of this unique instrument.

26 extra-hard jumbo bronze frets are precisely set into the Wenge fingerboard with IFT (Invisible Fretwork Technology). Active MEC J/TJ pickups are used in combination with active Warwick 2-way electronics. The integrated lithium battery can be recharged via USB cable without having to unscrew the wooden cover. Other hardware details include: Just-A-Nut III brass nut, 2-piece solid Warwick brass bridge, and Warwick Security Locks. A handmade leather RockBag® is included.

Musically, this MAKING OF video is underlined by Alberto Rigoni and his tune ‘Trying To Forget’. Please spread the following MAKING OF video online:

For more information about the Warwick Custom Shop Masterbuilt Dolphin Pro I 4 string, please visit:

http://warwick.de/en/Warwick—Products–Instruments–Customshop—Masterbuilt–Basic-Bass- Models–Dolphin–Dolphin-I–Dolphin-4-String–Dolphin—16-3189–4-string–Features.html

For more information about Framus & Warwick, please visit www.warwick.de For more information about W-Music Distribution, please visit www.w-distribution.de


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