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Warwick Product Demo – Jonathan Munnier (On The Shoulders Of Giants)

Warwick endorser Jonathan Munnier is the bass player of the American metal band “On The Shoulders Of Giants”. The band also consists of guitarist Dean Murphy, singer Mike Keiper and drummer Matt McDonough, who is known for his work with Mudvayne and Audiotopsy. Jonathan Munnier also works as a professionally trained sound engineer and has been mixing albums for over ten years at his own JYM Studios in Evansville, Indiana.

During Bass Camp 2016 (August 28 to September 2), Jonathan Munnier checked out five different Warwick Custom Shop Masterbuilt basses and presented them individually in the first product demo video. In the second video Jonathan presents his personal Warwick Custom Shop Masterbuilt Thumb 7 string bass. The product demos were recorded by the Warwick Video Team at the Warwick Headquarters in Markneukirchen/Germany.



Jonathan Munnier

More information about Jonathan Munnier and „On The Shoulders Of Giants“ you can find at:



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